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I am a Massachusetts born artist currently living and working in Seattle, WA. The representational drawings, paintings, and sculptures I create in my practice are explorations in the subjectivity of objects. I see myself as an investigator of human artifacts and domestic environments. I am interested in how they function as a reflection of the self outside of the body. Using this human paraphernalia as a subject matter has allowed me to explore the relationships between time and the inanimate, value and waste, and privacy and intimacy. In looking at objects subjectively, my work deconstructs the utility of the object, questions stereotypes, and relates specificity with universality. Each piece carries a sense of mystery and narrative, whether it be through the anonymity of a found grocery list or the unusual lighting in a domestic scene. Working in high contrast, often black and white, with a focus on light and perspective has allowed me to manipulate mood and pose questions about the people and stories that surround a still moment, a precious souvenir, or a discarded thought.

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